Publication Ethics

Scientific Future Group is dedicated to the scientific community and we are performing the standards of Publishing Ethics in all our journals. We ensure the high quality and standards in scientific publishing. We are intended to maintain the principles of peer review process and will enhance the integrity of scientific research. All the submitted manuscripts will go for a peer review process and minimum 2 reviewers comments will be given for the manuscripts. Here there for all the parties of the publishing includes Editor, Reviewer, Authors and Publisher agreeing the code of conduct for Journal Publishing.

Please read the Guidelines

Editors Responsibilities:
  • Editor need to maintain the integrity of publication
  • Editor willing to make effort for the growth of the journal
  • Editor should maintain the confidentiality
  • Editor ensure the quality of the published material
  • Manuscript review process will be done under the guidance of Editorial Board Members
  • Editor is the decision maker in Scientific Future Group peer review process
Reviewers Responsibilities:
  • Confidentiality
  • Reviewer should not disclose the content of the manuscript
  • Timeliness and responsiveness
  • Reviewers will be given by a review form for evaluate the assigned manuscripts
  • Review comments should be constructive and honest
  • Reviewers should declare the conflicts of interest.
Author's Responsibilities:
  • Authors need to maintain the ethical standards in their articles.
  • Authors need to exclude the
    1. Plagiarism/ misconduct (Copying ideas, works and result from others without proper citation)
    2. Multiple Submissions (Submission of same manuscript to many journals)
    3. Data Fabrication (Submission of data without doing the study/ research)
    4. Redundant Submissions (Publishing similar manuscripts based on the same topics)
  • Authors need to ensure the accuracy of their paper.
  • Author need to mention the entire contributors list in submitted article.
  • All the submitted manuscript should be written in Good English.
  • Manuscripts prepared in accordance with the Scientific Future Group format given in the Instructions for author's page.
  • Before the inclusion of a case details or images or patient images or personal details in the manuscript author must be obtained permission or an approval from the appropriate parties.
  • Publisher will promote the Editorial Independence of editor
  • Publisher will provide a guideline to the authors before the submission of their articles
  • Publisher will give all the feedback about the manuscript in timely manner
  • Publisher will archive an electronic copy of all the published materials for future reference
  • Publisher will make the author corrections in the accepted articles
  • Publisher will ensure the Editorial standards and peer review processes
  • Publisher is offering open and free access to all the published articles
  • Publisher will communicate with the editor, author and reviewers
  • Publisher will work closely with other associations and societies for best practises for the benefit of the scientific community.
  • Publisher will publish the scientific works in the timely manner.
  • Publisher will maintain the transparency and integrity